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A benchmark banking partner, the Banque Populaire Group has the largest network of branches in Morocco to meet all the needs of its customers, through a wide range of banking solutions.


A group consisting of the Banque Centrale Populaire and the Banques Populaires Régionales, the Crédit Populaire du Maroc supports any company, medium or small, artisanal, industrial or service, with an offering of short, medium and long term financing.


True to its entrepreneurial spirit, the Crédit Populaire du Maroc has been inspired by all the needs of its customers to develop a complete range of products and services.


Four major strategic orientations guide its activities:


                    ​​Consolidation of Acquired Positions

The Banque Populaire Group is accelerating the development of its intermediation and market activities, as well as its retail banking. With a hundred branches opening each year, the Group has the largest banking network to support its growth strategy. This arrangement has made it possible to significantly improve the collection of resources and corporate loans, supported by the new approach of the Banque Populaire in its relations and offerings dedicated to Corporate clients. In addition, the Group is significantly increasing its market share in the property loans and consumer loans categories, which are also benefiting from an upward trend.


​​                    The Citizen's Bank

As major financial partners, the Group's Banques Populaires Régionales are participating in their regions' development by mobilising and using local savings, for the benefit of economic and social actors. They are also taking action to provide banking facilities for the population, who are still at an intermediate level in Morocco. This is possible thanks to the Group's proximity policy, flexibility in opening accounts and a wide distribution network. The Banque Populaire Group is in fact the country's leading banking network, with 1,422 branches, 2,603 additional distribution points and more than 1,911 ATMs throughout the Kingdom. It bases its development plan on:

  • The conquest of new territories and external growth.
  • Its position as leader in the collection of savings from the Moroccan banking system.
  • Its status as reference bank in the repatriation of savings from Moroccans living abroad or Non-Resident Moroccans (NRMs).
  • The Group also supports activities with high social benefits, including:
  • The development of micro-credits, with loans averaging annual growth of more than 50% thanks to new branches being opened throughout the country.
  • The support of project promoters by the Fondation Banque Populaire, to assist them in all phases up to creation of their company.
  • Support for social housing, through an annual increase of 25% of debt in the field.
  • Support of SME-SMIs in upgrading.



                   Pe​rformance improvement

The growth of the Banque Populaire Group contributes to improving its 4 performance indicators:

  • Financial profitability, the product of the net results of all of the Group's entities, the net increase in the net banking income and control of operating expenses.
  • Productivity, which has improved thanks to the increased automation of transactions carried out at the branch level.
  • Commissions, whose share in the net banking income registers annual growth of around 10%.
  • Risk management: the Group posts the best prudential ratios in the sector in terms of solvency, liquidity, risk division and outstanding receivables.


                   The conquest of new territories and external growth

The Group is taking a new impetus in Corporate Banking operations, to reinforce its strategic positioning in this niche, and more specifically in:

  • Business advisory services.           
  • Financial engineering.
  • Bond issues.                                  
  • Venture capital.
  • Collective savings management.                         
  • Market intermediation
  • .
  • Financing of international trade.


This new commercial dynamic also relates to the banking insurance activity and the Group's specialised subsidiaries. These each benefit from an ambitious development plan to contribute to the Group's performance, through improvement of their market share in their field of activity.​​

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