The strength of our Group comes primarily from the talents of our employees: find out about the career opportunities available to you in our network!

Our HR policy is based on putting people at the centre of developments, considering them as a real potential to be discovered, brought out and developed.

Thanks to its development plans, career development policy and support for skills development and social policy, the Banque Populaire offers many prospects for both professional and personal development.

Today, the Group’s ambitions go beyond borders and aspire to sustained development on an international scale.

The Banque Centrale Populaire Group is today a vast field of initiatives and innovation, with its Regional Banques Populaires, Subsidiaries, Foundations and its network abroad.

The international openness promotes skills development through national and international mobility open to all of the Group’s executives.

HR benefits that make a difference

A thoughtful and motivating remuneration policy 

The Group’s attractive, fair and motivating remuneration policy is an essential lever for loyalty. The diversification of means of remuneration, with benefits, is therefore a fundamental element of HR policy.

Since 2008, the Banque Centrale Populaire Group has been a part of a process of opening shareholding to the benefit of its employees. Periodically, employees can take advantage of a reserved capital increase or subscribe to the shares of the Regional Banks.

A social policy that listens to its employees’ needs 

The well-being of employees represents a key lever in the Banque Populaire’s CSR policy. Social policy, in favour of staff, is one of the important pillars. All the provisions which, in the context of work, make it possible to directly or indirectly improve the financial situation and living conditions of employees and which contribute to their well-being and motivation are put in place in this way.
The Bank offers progressive social benefits encompassing everything made available to all of the Bank’s employees, whether active or retired, and their families (benefit loans, social assistant, social security, insurance, medical prevention, summer centres and camps, etc.). 

Our Culture

Join a Group with strong empathetic values!

The person is central to the Group’s dynamic and culture. Our values allow us to unite our teams every day and maintain a lasting customer relationship.

Our Values 


Proximity is a historic value linked to our cooperative heritage and characteristic of our identity. It echoes our local roots and our inclusive vocation. Proximity is about building our value proposition by listening and understanding the needs and expectations of our customers, employees and partners. Proximity is expressed by the local relevance of our expansion strategy.


Citizenship is reflected in our responsible commitment to the territories where we operate, our partners and our ecosystems. Citizenship means valuing the general interest in our posture and choices.

Performance means creating lasting value for our customers, employees, shareholders and partners. Performance translates into a commitment for all to realise our collective ambition.


Innovation means continually reinventing our value proposition, our ways of operating and communicating by cultivating our humility. Innovation means creating an environment of trust conducive to the expression of creativity and daring.

Join a socially responsible enterprise

Our Group offers an ethical environment where you can flourish.

We respect diversity and uniqueness. We engage in socially responsible actions. Our policy has also been rewarded with the CGEM Label (General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises) which enshrines respect for principles of social responsibility and rewards the commitment of companies and their efforts in this area. 

The Banque Populaire has also obtained the Vigeo-Eiris ISO 26000 certification with an “Advanced” level positioning. This is the highest rating in the scale set by the international agency Vigeo-Eiris, European leader in extra-financial rating. 


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