SOS emergencies


If your electronic bank card is lost or stolen:​

-Have your card blocked:
-By going to the nearest branch; or
​by calling the call centre at 0522 437 435 or 0522 437 437, available 24/7; Give your national ID card (CIN) number or the 16-digit identifier number on your bank card
​​​or go to the “Block” heading on your Chaabinet account;
-Request a new electronic bank card from your branch​

If you chequebook is lost or stolen:​

-Have your chequebook blocked by going to your branch with your identity card.
-Order a new chequebook at your branch or ATM or on Chaabinet.​

If you forget the electronic bank card code:​

-Ask for a new code to be generated by going to your branch with your national identity card. The transaction is done immediately and is free.

If you forget the Chaabinet code:​

-Reset your password:
-Log on to the Chaabinet site at or,
-Click “Forgot password",
-A window will open asking you to enter your contract number and your email address,
-Click Enter to receive a new password in your mailbox
-The new password is transmitted instantly to your email address.​

If you forget the Chaabinet contract number:

Your contract number corresponds to the 7 digits of your Account Number starting from the 6th position. (e.g.: 21111 1234567 0009)​

Internet transaction security:​

For any transactions involving purchasing on the internet (from a merchant site affiliated with Maroc Télécommerce) we advise you to enter, in addition to the number of your electronic banking card, its expiry date and the 3-digit cryptogram, a secret numeric authentication code.

This secret code will be used for all your Banque Populaire electronic banking cards.
Each of our customers has received their secret code by SMS.

If you change the mobile phone number declared to the Banque Populaire, we invite you to contact your branch.

For further information please contact our customer relations centre at 0802002666 or at the numbers below for Residents Abroad: ​

  • Canada: 05144009258
  • France: 0178744339
  • Italy: 0694816778​
  • Spain: 0911230008
  • Holland: 0208083169
  • Canada: 05144009258
  • France: 0178744339
  • Italy: 0694816778
  • Spain: 0911230008
  • Holland: 0208083169

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