Sustainable development

Close to our customers through the largest banking network in Morocco, we are committed through our actions and Foundations to the country’s economic and social development in favour of the people as well as the environment.


In 2011, Groupe Banque Populaire put in place an Environmental and Social Management System incorporated into the overall approach to risk assessment that precedes grants of financing, and that enables:

• The financial institution’s activities to be made compliant with social and environmental standards
• Avoiding giving finance to projects with high social and environmental risks
• Reasonable social and environmental due diligence to be set up before disbursement
• Adequate project-monitoring to be done during the repayment period

A rigorous four-stage process:


a. Exclusion list :

The exclusion list refers to illegal activities, armaments, alcohol, tobacco, games of chance, radioactive materials, materials containing asbestos fibres, certain activities related to deep-sea fishing, activities in tropical rainforests, wood or forest assets originating from forests that are not sustainably managed, and activities involving child labour forced labour.

b. Categorisation :

A for significant impact, B for limited impact, C for minimal or no impact and for services, and FI for projects involving financial intermediation.


Assessing environmental and social risks is done by using questionnaires that cover all potential environmental and social impacts, i.e. solid and liquid wastes, greenhouse-gas emissions, and the production or use of hazardous materials.


Corrective-action plans have contractual value and are monitored by business managers in the course of their relationship with the customer.


Control and monitoring are carried out through progress reports sent by customers and through periodic site visits made by business managers.

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